Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Week Later....

Well, I've survived the first week on the Poon Metabolic Diet...YEAH!!  Truth be told, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be in terms of cravings.  I thought I would crave carbs (i.e. BREAD) and sweets but so not the case!!  I really didn't miss my sandwiches, wraps, pasta, etc...and I stuck to my allowed veggies, protein & salad and I have to say I felt great during the week.  A little tired but no bloating or stomach pains going on...thank goodness! 

So, I know you are wondering....well what did you loose if any?  I'm happy to say I lost 4.6 lbs in my first week!  I'm happy with the result but most importantly, I am happy that my stomach issues were controlled (i.e. IBS). 

I had a busy weekend past and didn't get to make the phase 1 recipes that Leigh has posted in her blog.  So I have printed out her recipe and will stop at the grocery store on the way home tonight and pick up some ingredients and am going to make Lazy Cabbage Rolls tonight in the crock pot.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!!  Next on my to make list is the Sheppard's Pie (with Cauliflower as the potatoe).  I'm sure they will be both delish.  I'll let you know how my cooking goes.

On a side note, I really should avoid stairs at all costs!!  12 weeks ago I fell DOWN the stairs and broke my tail bone and compressed my lumbar area...ouch just thinking back to that...yesterday I fell UP the stairs and ripped the nail off - seriously I should be wrapped in bubble.  But I solidered on and ran with the running group last night...well hobbled...but I made it.  My next run is the Meredith Hagan Foundation Inspiration Run.  I'm looking forward to it.  The run is a 5.6k trail run and its going to be a great day.  Hopefully I'll finish in one piece - LOL.  Until next time...onward I go on the Poon Train!

~ Beverly

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Poon Train....

This past Friday I had a great run with my friend Leigh and we chatted about life, diets, exercise. etc.  Even though I am overweight I considered myself to be somewhat "healthy".  I have always been athletic my whole life playing competitive sports and I like to exercise.  So I convinced myself that although I was overweight, I was ok.  But I see now that this was a coping mechanism to my unhappiness for being overweight - I was in denial!

Last Monday night our running group did a run that had two big hills.  Going up the first hill - I lost steam.  I was finding it hard to breathe and keep up.  But the mere fact that I had to stop and walk a little played havoc with my brain.  All the runs I've done up to now, I've not felt that way...but then again most of the runs were fairly flat.  I went home that night, sat in my living room and thought..it's the weight...it's holding me back....this weight has got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

As I mentioned, Friday night Leigh & I ran 5k together.  Since meeting Leigh in March of this year - she has been a source of inspiration for me.  I treasure her friendship and her guidance (she has had great success on Dr. Poon's diet).  In talking with Leigh I made the decision to enlist the help of Dr. Poon!!  Yes folks, I'm at the train station about to board the Poon Express...LOL!  Leigh (once again to my rescue) got me Dr. Poon's Metabolic Diet book that I read this weekend.  I know Phase 1 will be challenging...but I'm up for the challenge.  I want to feel good about myself again - I want to truly be HEALTHY!!!

One of my goals when I started the exercise and running this year was to be able to feel comfortable enough with myself to have a family photo done.  My husband and I have been together for 11 years and we have two beautiful kids (8 & 6 yrs) and we have never had a family photo done.  The reason.....ME!  I hate to see myself in photos because it is a realization of what I let happen to myself.  So if I don't see photos I can live in my world of denial.  But I don't want to live like that anymore - I want photos of me with my family, I want to enjoy every aspect of my life and I can't with this weight! 

What do I have to loose by trying Dr. Poon's diet?  Nothing but weight and I'm good with that.  So, here's to loosing weight the Poon way.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Chicago Bound....

What a glorious mini-vacation.  My hubby & I set off for Chicago last Thursday for a mini get away.  Truth be told he was there for work but I was there for some R&R.  Being a working mom with two boys is tiring, especially when said boys like to get up before 7am every day!  It was nice to sleep in a little and do things I want to do for a couple of days.

While I was excited about going away for a couple of days - I was feeling bad that I was going to miss a number of running clinics and workouts - and worse the hotel had no pool!!!  I was feel guilty for missing my running clinics (& gals) and workouts...even when it is for a good reason (trip to Chicago..woo hoo).  Is that a good sign or am I obsessed?  But to be honest I (we) did so much walking during the trip that my legs and feet hurt (and are still sore).  Even though I (we) had to eat out quite a bit I kept my friend Leigh in my head (she follows the Poon diet) and ate mostly salads, veg & meat (except for the Chicago deep dish pizza!!).   To be honest, just having the salad & meat was filling and I did feel way less bloated on the trip. 

Chicago!!  I totally love this city.  I could seriously do some damage to my bank account if I lived here full time.  There is an area in downtown Chicago (Michigan Ave) called the Magnificent Mile -it has high end stores lined from one end to the other....I was in heaven.  It was like the heavens opened up and light beams came cascading down with angels singing in harmony....ok so I like to shop and like choosing the running races - I am bit of a snob.  :-) LOL.  My husband is happy to know that while I went "shopping" at Burberry, Tiffany, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton.....I only went "window shopping". 

The restaurants we went too were divine.  The first night we went to Giordano's - known for their deep dish pizza.  Wasn't expecting that.....it actually looks like a pie.  Pizza dough for crust and then the toppings inside (like apple filling).  It was good - but I could only eat 1 piece.  Went to Greek Islands (authentic Greek food) and had chicken & greek salad.  Oh my goodness it was superb.  The waiter suggested a greek wine (yep you guessed it I'm a wine snob too).  I've not had Greek wine before, but it was actually nice with our meal.  Another restaurant was Texas de Brazil.  This was the holy grail of restaurants...in the middle of the restaurant they have a wall of wine where a girl suspended on wires retrieves your wine bottle and when she has no wine to get she does acrobatic moves.  Then waiters come to your table with skewers of meat that you choose from.  Divine!!!!  Wish they had this restaurant in Canada.

Long post...but it was a busy weekend.  Glad to be back home now with my boys....and glad to get back to my regular workout routine starting tomorrow.  I don't feel quite right unless I have my workouts during the week.  That's about it for now....Ciao!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The beginning of something new...

So here I am...a virgin blogger!!  Who'd of thunk????  But after reading a couple of blogs by my friends (Leigh & Enz) it seemed like fun and I thought...I'd like to do that.  Well, here goes nothing...my first official blog.

This year I started on a mission...to get back to being healthy.  I started ZUMBA classes (which are rediculously fun) and personal training (with the best peronsal trainer ever 2 days a week) first.  I knew I'd love ZUMBA given my dance background and boy did I ever.  I'm hooked!!  It doesn't even feel like you're working out - well at least for me anyway...I love to dance.  I was a little nervous about starting with a personal trainer....that was until I met Kim Thompson of Vitality Source Fitness.  She is heaven sent.  So motivational....and she's got guns!!  No, not literal guns but her arms are wickedly toned.  I'm striving for her arms.  Then in March of this year I joined the For Women Only learn to run (LTR) group at the Running Room in Hamilton.  I wasn't sure what to expect and to be quite honest was super nervous - what if I was so out of shape I couldn't keep up?  But here it is, the end of May and I'm running 5k races and come July will be instructing the For Women's Only group with my running mate and now great friend, Leigh!  I would be remiss to mention that a couple of weeks after starting the LTR group I fell (not running but on some stairs) and broke my tailbone and damaged my lumbar area.  After 4 weeks of complete rest I started the LTR program again. Let me tell you - running with a broken tailbone and screwed up lumbar was not fun but to be honest I think it sped up my healing process (at least that's what I think).   

So, in a nut shell that is where I'm at.  For me its not about loosing weight (but won't deny that is always a bonus) - its about how I feel.  I'm starting to see muscle back in my arms and my legs and butt are, well, getting definition.  Love it!!!  Trust me, I've got a long way to go...but I'm on the way.  My journey has begun. 

My blog is going to be about my journey to a better me....you're welcome to come along.